Thursday, 31 March 2011

Greetings 2011

As I'm averaging a whacking great FIVE blog posts a year, I felt I ought to get on with this year's contribution. It's almost April already, and I've gotta keep up with those intimidating stats somehow.

I'm only even averaging 5 because I clearly went a bit nuts in 2008 with EIGHT in one year. 8? That's practically spamming.

So, blogspot - hello 2011. Already a quarter of the way through the year, already changed clocks to BST, halfway through lent and my hayfever has already gotten underway. So a somewhat belated start to the year.

But I can assure you that I haven't done anything especially groundbreaking since January. And I know that that is all too believable, unfortunately.

Moving forward, I will possibly write more in future. Not a promise, but an intention nonetheless. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fashion statement

Until today, I just hadn't found the time to go see SATC 2. As a fan of the series (although admittedly less of a fan of the first movie), I felt that I owed it to myself to make the time, so today, only four or so weeks after the rest of the world, I did.

For those of you in a similar position to me, who quite want to see it but aren't sure as 95% of reviews, both critics and audience, have been beyond negative, and you find yourself only really still tempted because you know one or two individuals who told you that yes admittedly it IS self-indulgent and has huge great lashings of cheese*, it's still worth it for the fun/fashion/comforting girlieness factor, my advice to you is: don't bother.

If it's about the fun: yeah, ok so seeing Charlotte fall off a camel is sort of funny but it's spoilt by the next word out of her mouth being "iPhone", which manages to crop up in at least every third sentence she utters. And yes, Samantha pursues inappropriate sex to her peril. And yes, Miranda, well actually she doesn't get to be all that funny. Which is a shame, but as I said the producers were clearly too busy working camels, iPhones, gay butlers, improbable bookclub meetings, Liza minelli, lesbian nannies and even the cringingly bad Omid Djalili into a weak script.

Fashion: well. Imagine an angry-looking lion in a tuxedo, wearing a big black crown thing in (on?) its' mane...and you have Carrie's outfit for THE wedding of the century. Or imagine Liza Minelli in what is basically a baggy sequinned t shirt. Not good. Leaving you gagging for more and wanting to scout out next seasons looks? Well. If the answer really is yes then I guess go ahead and watch it, but you'll be disappointed if you want to take the fashion seriously.

Comforting girlieness factor: it's actually not that comforting. It sort of reassures you that no matter how hard married life can get sometimes, every couple has their own individual issues and the way to deal with them has got to be what works best for the two of you and no one else. However, no one else has a marriage like Carrie and Big. I won't spoil the end but, predictably, someone fucks up and you might find the aftermath/fallout surprising. You might not though, had you better prepped yourself for SATC world than I had. All I can say is that is it very unlike real life, and so I find it all very hard to relate to on any level, and therefore hard to draw comfort from in any way. Specific scene highlighting this key point: when Charlotte and Miranda are lamenting the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and how hard it is despite both having full-time nannies, and they drink a toast to the mothers out there who do it without the hired help. Patronising? Yep. But acknowledging the difference between them and the vast majority of women across the globe is rare.

But don't let me stop you. I haven't even started on the racial and gender stereotyping yet, you'll have to find out the rest for yourselves. Or don't bother. If the angry crown-wearing lion in a tux wasn't enough to put you off this movie, then let me remind you now that it is two hours twenty-five minutes long. It is quite long, and can feel it at times. The ludicrous outfits and general improbability of so much of the film is quite entertaining in itself, so if you do see it I'd advise you do what I did and sit in a quiet enough part of the auditorium and go with someone you can bitch with as you're watching it.

What can I say, it passes the time. Not necessarily quickly, but you know: time passes. At times, slower than others.

* specifically something especially cheesey. Like a big squishy Brie.

Friday, 9 April 2010

I am not by any means the world's most prolific blogger.

This does not mean however that I am unenthusiastic about my blog, or blogging in general. Or that if I don't update for awhile that I am no longer interested in pouring out my irrational thoughts, feelings and emotions to potentially billions of people (although of course more likely about four - individuals that is, not billions). I quite enjoy it. To an extent. Although I can't quite shake off the feeling that the Internet is never as anonymous as it might initially seem, so I am unable to express myself quite as freely as I might otherwise. Although I suppose it encourages me to make an attempt at eloquence.

Anyway, on to the real stuff. Becoming an auntie in September: unexpected, but all the more exciting for it. Watching a friend's mother be moved into a hospice: well, life is a bitch. That doesn't even begin to cover it, but I am simply lost as to how to comprehend how that feels. It hurts to imagine it.

So to say I'm feeling conflicted is the most apt description of my state of mind. So excited (and more than a little jealous) about the new life aspect that is imminent. But staggered at how quickly things can take a turn for the worst. I don't know which situation I will have to tackle first. I hope it's the former, but I fear in my heart that it will be the latter.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Life before Emos

Do you remember when emos used to be goths?

I do.

Or at least, that's the closest approximation to how what that social group evolved into.

It makes me feel OLD. Only one of my work colleagues can remember a life before sulky know-it-all emo kids. All the rest of them refuse to believe that such a time existed.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Trying to keep my head above the water

How can I try to blog, when I struggle to think of something appropriate for even a facebook status?

Although of course, the reason that is a struggle is partly because you are constrained with summing up what you're doing/feeling/seeing in a specified amount of characters. And life is not quite like that.

Certainly mine isn't right now.

Work/friendships/family/relationship are all a little bit more difficult than I'd like them to be at present. And I'm starting to lose the energy (and in some cases, the inclination) to keep working at all of them at once.

I feel unsure, apathetic and exhausted - constantly, and all in equal measures.

I even went to a spiritualist church open day for a personal reading at the weekend, and I don't even have the energy for an opinion on my experience yet.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Being as super technologically advanced as I am, I not only blog but I also use facebook. Unfortunately so do many many many of my work colleagues, most of whom I added when I worked alongside them.

Since working in a slightly* higher position I've been dwelling upon how appropriate this is. Indeed some of them update daily with such banal comments that I am beginning to regret adding them simply because the more I know about their personal lives, the more I dislike them. But once you've agreed to one of them, you start to get stuck and quite simply I can't be arsed with the awkward questions as to WHY I don't want to be their "facebook friend". Especially when the answer is I would NEVER be their "real-life" friend outside of work.

However, my dilemma has finally been brought to a head as one of them has just contacted me via facebook to complain about their rota.

But how to start the cull...? Some of them I genuinely want to stay on my facebook. But then the others will notice that, and then all those awkward questions (as outlined earlier) will start. Argh. I've got myself into a bit of a pickle that I'm still too immature/lazy to think through.

By the way if I happen to know you and you're reading this its unlikely you're one of those I've been questioning deleting. Very few people I actually know read this, so if you are its because I like you.

Ooh I sound so lovey dovey. Well no, I actually sound a bit bipolar: incredibly bitchy beyond reasonability one minute, then all nicey-nicey the next. But as I said, I'm a bit pathetic about offending people and moreover, I hate the hassle it causes.

However, I think its time. Soon. Probably.

*Don't get carried away - it is only very slightly; such is the success of my career.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

To tweet or not to tweet...

I have revived my Twitter account.

I vaguely remembered creating an account what I thought must have been quite awhile ago, and I noticed the other week that there seems to be somewhat more of a Twitter scene these days*, so I poked about a bit in my inbox and found my username etc, and successfully Tweeted for the first time in...two years.

Apparently I was so enamoured with the whole Twitter "scene" last time that I posted four times, then gave up. A mere 48 hours later.

However, am willing to give it a bit more of a go this time. I seemed to have accrued some followers in my absence - no idea how, but I'm sure its mostly the usual porn/spammers though. In my attempt to try to keep it active (at least more active than the half-life that this blog is experiencing), I have decided to "follow" Jonathan Ross and Katie Price.

Still not convinced about the whole thing yet though. I'm sure its better if you have internet on your phone. Which of course I don't, seeing as my phone is about as hi-tech as a bloody tin can with string attached. Perhaps I'll treat myself to a fancy phone soon. Or perhaps not, as it'll only end up in the bath sooner or later, as all the phones I've ever owned have done.

*Yes, I know that makes me sound like some sort of reptile that has lived under a stone for the last five years. To be honest its quite suprising I even worked out what the hell a blog was, let alone hold a (somewhat) active facebook account.